image0003Justice Kennels offers obedience training.

Our obedience program consists of about one month time. The dogs stay with me during this time and we do not allow the owners to visit. The reason for this is that I need one on one rapport with the dog and have only 4-5 weeks to accomplish a lot of tasks. We have found that if the owners come to visit, the dog spends 3 days going backwards. The reason for this is that he was settled into a routine and quite comfortable with that and any disruption to that causes time loss for us. During the month, your dog will learn sit, stay, come and heel. He will know this so well that by the end of the month you can take him out with 50 dogs and he will still come. You will be able to call him off the chase of a rabbit or bird and even a 5 year old will be able to walk the dog. He will also be able to come on a whistle.

All of our training is done with a choke chain and lead and lots of praise. At the end of the program we condition the dog to an electronic collar. We do not use the collar to teach the dog anything it is simply used to re — enforce what the dog already knows.

Program costs per month:

  • Retrievers (purebred goldens and labs) $1,100
  • Sporting dogs $1,200
  • Non-sporting dogs $1,400
  • Extra large breeds $1,800
  • So just for the one month of obedience training please call 403-880-3171.

If a dog should take 1 — 2 weeks past the month, we do not charge anything more. Please understand, that we will not push a dog beyond what he can handle in a day for anyone’s benefit. Dogs mature at different rates and we adapt our program to the individual dog.

We do not take the puppy out of dogs or alter any personality. We simply harness a dog’s energy and channel it into the right direction, where you can have control of the dog so that he is not going to get hurt.

At the end of the month, we book a time with the owners and teach them what the dogs know and then transfer the dog back from us to them. This program does require that you purchase an electronic collar. They will cost about $350.00 and are available through us.

Our obedience program is highly successful and we can give references on request. If you would like further information or discuss a booking time for your dog, please call us at 403-880-3171.

If you have any further questions or
are interested in booking a training slot,